Hi, guys ♥ I'm Sagaro
Birthday:: 06.04.1994
Love to play the sims 3
and also love watching anime. If we have the same interests, let's be friends!
Welcome all simmers and let's be friends ;)
→ Anonymous whispered : Hello nice to meet you saegaro. Just want to say hi and I am really amazed at your work !! The sims are very hot looking ! I want to ask a few questions if you dont mind :) first of all what kind of makeup do you use for sims? Skins.eyeshadow. eyes, eyebrow recommanded site? Anyway hope to hear from you soon. take care !

Hi,there anony! sry for the late reply! ;w; Thank you for loving my sims >////< oh god that could make me die happily haha xD

Ok, I use A LOT of makeup in a sim (using multiple makeup option in master controller)

I recommend Tifa , Ephemera and mochi029 for blushes

S-club , Ephemera and SashaJ for eyeshadow (to make the eyes look sharp)

and about lipsticks, I use Pralinesims's for female mostly, sometimes Tifa and Ephemera , mochi029 for both gender (especially male)

For skin, I use only Ephemera’s. male = NV1fix , Fresh. female = natural

For eyes, brntwaffles , s-club , Ephemera , Tifa

eyebrows I use many creator’s so, I can’t specify all of them but here is some

[x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

Hope you enjoy! :D